About Us


Altechnology is committed to exceptional service-delivery for all our clients. The well-being of your company’s IT is our business. All our client’s needs are met with urgency and we take a personal interest in maintaining your IT requirements with the greatest integrity and at the highest standards.

We assist your business in managing its day to day IT needs without the hassle and expense involved in running an in-house IT department. Altechnology was founded in 2015 and has successfully provided IT support for small to medium businesses (with a minimum of 20 users or more). By keeping up-to-date with all of the latest technologies, we are able to offer our clients a state of the art approach to meet the specific IT requirements of their business.

Vision Statement

To be recognized by our clients, our team members and experts in our industry as the best IT Consulting company in our market area.

Mission Statement

To be the providers of I.C.T. strategies and services, which deliver long term commercial benefits, based upon our clients key business requirements. The strategies evolved should be economical, efficient, durable, flexible and allow the organisations to respond rapidly to both market and customer needs.

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